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Building a better Ainsley Street Gardens

September 24, 2009

A few weeks back, I wrote a post about putting allotments in Ainsley street gardens. I must confess that when I wrote this, it was a knee jerk reaction to an article I read in the paper. But when some local residents started to leave positive comments for the idea, it started to look like something that might actually work.

So I set off looking at options of how to do this. There are lots of examples where residents have taken derelict land and turned it into a hub for the community. Last year, residents from more than 300 properties on Peabody’s Hammersmith Estate built a tranquil green space. This was all made possible through funding and partnerships with charities like Ground Work. The results are really impressive, and it would be great to do a similar project here.

Hammersmith Sunken Garden

Here’s a basic outline of the approach that we’d need to take.

  1. Recruit people interested in helping out.
  2. Consult with residents and people in the area. We need to understand what the best use of the land is.
  3. Fund the project. There are lots of options to get funding. I’m confident that a project like this would be a good funding candidate.
  4. And then it’s just a case of doing it.

So at this stage, I’m keen for people to volunteer some time to help with the first couple of steps of the project. Primarily this will be helping to capture and shape a clear statement that represents the interests of the community. If you’re willing and able add a comment to this post and I’ll be in touch.

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  1. sarah permalink
    September 30, 2009 3:30 pm

    I’d be up for helping with this.

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