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Improving Ainsley Gardens: A consultation and how to do one

November 4, 2009

If we want to improve Ainsley Gardens then one of the first steps is to do a consultation.

Katherine, who is an expert on these sorts of things, has given me some tips on how we might be able to do this.

I would suggest that you run some form of consultation on site – whether that is through a drop-in event held where you record numbers attending and chat to people, perhaps with some refreshments to entice people along.  Or you could send out surveys to every household and then collect them.  You could also ask people to fill out surveys at a drop-in event.  Your survey need only be brief and to the point.  Start it off with a brief overview of why you are carrying out the consultation and what your proposed plans are and then ask questions like:

  • Do you currently use the space for anything?
  • If yes, what for?  If not, why not?
  • Is there anything you would like to use the space before (provide a list of possibilities)
  • If allotment spaces were created would you be interested in participating?
  • If you aren’t would you object to the space being changed for this purpose?

Then say something about the project steering committee and ask people if they are interested in being involved and what kind of role they would like to have and what kind of skills they could offer to the group.

Evidence of a wide consultation would hold us in good stead for funding.

So that’s where we’re at. I still need to drum up some local interest to form a group of keen and able people to help carry out this first phase. At the moment it’s all a bit daunting – so if you’ve got a little spare time, do get in touch or leave a comment below.

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